R&D Tax Credits – advice and support in making your claim

R&T Consultants specialise in gaining Research & Development Tax Credit (also known as R&D Tax Credit) refunds on behalf of their clients. First introduced in April 2000, this area of tax compliance can be extremely complicated to negotiate. R&T Consultants have the in-house expertise required to assist companies in obtaining their maximum Research & Development Tax Credit entitlement.

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R&T Consultants have built on their growing reputation by providing a specialised and personalised service to every client. Our fees are reasonable and are based only on the successful recovery of a Research & Development Tax Credit. The initial meeting with R&T Consultants is free of charge to establish the viability of a claim for the client.

R&D Tax Credit claims

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R&T Consultants understand the time pressures imposed on modern businesses. We therefore work closely with management and personnel in order to minimize disruption to the client’s business whilst an R&D claim is being prepared. We are also proactive in assisting clients in planning the timing of future R&D expenditure to optimise R&D Tax Credit submissions, maximizing the amount of any future R&D Tax Credits.

Your R&D Tax Credit claims answered

R&T Consultants gain many of their clients through personal recommendation and are able to provide an extensive range of references on request. It is also possible for R&T to provide their specialised R&D services through other accountancy practices and to the clients of venture capital trusts.

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