The results have been very impressive – significant tax credits were claimed for in 2014 and 2015. In 2016 and 2017, potential tax liabilities of around £200,000 for each year were drastically reduced.

Over the last 4 years we have recovered around £40k of net tax each year. While there are no restrictions on how this money is used, we have used it to buy equipment for the lab and 3D prototyping equipment that we could not justify on purely commercial grounds, but which are actually a huge asset to development.

He is passionate about his subject and genuinely wants to help business owners. In several cases, it’s made a significant difference between a company being profitable or unprofitable.

Richard knows what he’s talking about. His company has successfully claimed a significant amount of R&D funds on behalf of businesses from a variety of industries.

Understanding R&D Tax Credit is a little specialist and does require an understanding of technology and how it is being applied in order to assess accurately whether it is R&D in tax terms. We can recommend R&T Consultants as a knowledgeable, helpful, reliable and sensibly priced organisation that is an excellent partner in this specialist area.

Without Richard we would have been lost. I have had two sets of accountants who knew what we did in broad terms, but clearly not enough to suggest this important tax relief.

We met with R&T Consultants at an HMRC seminar on R&D Tax Credits. It was clear that Richard was an experienced accountant who knew the R&D Tax Credit requirements very thoroughly and worked closely with HMRC.

Richard tells me that around 40% of small businesses that could claim their R&D money back don’t. That is billions of pounds that small businesses should rightfully have that they could re-invest. Richard and his team know how to go about it and have a proven track record in delivering results quickly and efficiently.

We can fully recommend Richard, Adrian and R&T Consultants for any firm engaged in R&D. If you are still unsure whether your activity is classed as R&D this is one of the first things they will help you with.

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